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Why Pixelsniffer?

As a design studio we are used to performing usability inspections manually, answering hundreds of questions and rating several areas one by one, which takes a lot of time and effort.

This is why we are working hard on Pixelsniffer, designed to optimize this process by developing a new kind of software that simulates the behaviour of a real user navigating through a website.

Pixelsniffer performs in real time hundreds of little tasks assigning each one a score which will contribute to the overall rating. In just a matter of seconds the user will know what area will need to be improved from a usability point of view.

For example, we use Face Detection algorithms to test your website's trust and credibility.
Dispositivi di dimensioni diverse
We check your websites on different devices within one test.
Dispositivi di dimensioni diverse
We check text size, font readability and much more to identify flaws in your visual design.
Dispositivi di dimensioni diverse

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Who we are

Pixelsniffer is a project by glueglue, a User Experience design agency based in Pavia, Italy

Matteo Lo Manto
UX designer
Fabian Niederkofler
UX designer
Federico Magnani
UX engineer
Luca Negri
Back-End developer
Federica Corneli
UX/UI designer
Michele Magnani
SEO/SEM specialist

Want to contribute?

Think the project sounds exciting? We are still in BETA mode and looking for people that want to contribute to make Pixelsniffer a better tool, or just to get honest and valuable feedback. Just drop us a line or fill in our feedback form!